Potton Heritage Association

A new look !

Our website has been updated to the twenty-three theme offered by WordPress.

Please take note of the following changes.

The home page of the pottonheritage.org domain directs you to either the Website or to the Digital Library, which is also online.


Created in 2010, the Potton Heritage Association website has served as a bulletin board to disseminate information to members and to save documentary archives and photo albums. To date, the database totals 138 posts and 136 pages; the media collection has 268 items (documents and images); the photo albums total over 1550 photos.

The website list the posts in descending chronological order by date of publication. The screen displays the two most recent articles. Navigation continues with the Next or Previous posts links.

Some previously published articles may have display problems in this revision of the portal. These deficiencies will be corrected at a later date.

The posts can be indexed into categories and identified by tags. The Search Options menu facilitates such searches. However, the use of categories and tags does not appear to have been systematized in the current database. A revision will be undertaken in the near future to refine the keyword search.

In addition, the second line of the header has drop-down menus that direct users to different sections of the website.

Digital Library

In 2019, the Omeka-S portal was chosen to aggregate content in the Digital Library. This portal is complementary to the Website and includes the following bilingual sections:

  • Place Names of Potton and More
  • Histoire Potton History
  • Publications | Brochures | Pamphlets
  • Yesterdays of Potton
  • History of a Parish St-Cajetan | Mansonville | Potton
  • The Covered Bridges of the Eastern Townships
  • Tourism in Potton at the Turn of the 19th Century
  • Illustrated History of the Township of Potton
  • Photo Archives | Illustrations

Follow the link in home page to access the Digital Library.

A final word

This online presence ensures the sustainability of the Association’s productions.

I remain one of the members for whom these archives evoke happy memories!

Serge Normand