Potton Heritage Association

Portfolio – Culture and Heritage Prizes

Since 2011, the Potton Heritage Association participates in the selection of winners of the Culture and Heritage Prizes awarded annually by the Potton Cultural and Heritage Committee, on the occasion of the Cultural Days.

This portfolio shows, in descending chronological order, certificates awarded to the winners.

Year Heritage Culture
2018 Jacqueline Robitaille David Sutherland
2017 Jean-Louis Bertrand Thérèse Descary
2016 Mary Cowan Baily Hiro Gagnon
2015 Gérard Leduc – Paul Rouillard Stanley Lake
2014 Hans Walser Karen Muzerall
2013 Jewett Family Beverley Bolsius
2012 Fred Korman
2011 Pierre Giroux and his family
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