Newsletter May 2018 | Friends of the Round Barn

Published by the Round Barn Committee | GBMP

Dear Friends and generous Donors,

It is time to give you some news of Mansonville’s round barn!

The building restoration and financing project:
With the results of the fall 2017 fundraising campaign, we have $110,000 in the bank and $70,000 in commitment. Since then, we have submitted three additional applications for financial assistance. Of these three requests, the Fonds des petites collectivités and the other to the ministère de la Culture are waiting for new funding and we do not anticipate short-term responses. The third one, to Canadian Heritage, is in very active evaluation at the moment and we were asked for details on the content of our exhibitions and even the CVs of the contributors who collaborated on them. We believe it’s a good sign!

The committee has also taken steps to ensure more diversified funding and is committed to communicating more regularly with donors and public partners.

Last November, we carried out temporary stabilization work; five support cribs were installed to avoid unpleasant surprises due to the weight of snow and the wind. You can see photos on our Facebook page. All is well this spring, as you can see!

We are waiting for the response from Canadian Heritage before doing more important work or other financing.

Future use of the barn:
The committee is considering broader options for the use of the Round Barn, starting from the concept of an interpretive centre for the history, heritage and landscapes of Potton. Given the space available on the three floors of the building, it would also be possible to hold occasional activities such as shows or family events.

In the meantime, the barn is stable, and we remain confident that the project will be completed in on way or another.