Potton Heritage Association

Manifest 2010

Annually since 2006 the Potton Heritage Association has been inviting the citizens of our township to celebrate Heritage Day, and on the occasion has published a manifest addressed at the mayor and the municipal council. This year is the 5th issue in the series but the first for the attention of our new mayor and municipal council.

The new administration has already adopted several measures to preserve our common heritage, notably the acquisition and intended conservation and enhancement of the Round Barn. The Potton Heritage Association applauds these initiatives.

The municipal council has also adopted a cultural policy which proposes additional measures to preserve our heritage – an indication that we are moving in the right direction.

Given the importance of our architectural and landscape based heritage for our township, we believe that a policy specifically aimed at these two heritage elements is a necessary addition to the new cultural policy. This heritage policy should be based on the approach recommended in the “Toolbox for municipal Councilors” recently distributed by the MRC. Once adopted, and an action plan agreed upon, such a policy would facilitate obtaining financial support.

The Potton Heritage Association is ready to accept a mandate to prepare such a policy in close collaboration with the municipal council.

Hans Walser, September 24th 2010