Committee for Culture and Heritage in Potton

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Is there a member of the Potton Heritage Association interested in becoming a member of the Committee for Culture and Heritage for our Township ?

General mandate

The Committee has a general mandate of promoting and supporting the development of cultural life and heritage within the Township of Potton.

Specific mandates

The Committee has the following specific mandates :

  1. the study of all requests coming from the municipal council and the formulation of an opinion ;
  2. the implementation of the various components of the Policy on Culture and Heritage already adopted by the municipal council in September 2010 ;
  3. to make recommendations concerning the cultural and heritage policy ;
  4. the management of events of a cultural or heritage nature ;
  5. the preparation of grant requests for presentation to various donors ;
  6. the production of periodic reports, at the request of the municipal council, as
    well as an annual report of activities ;

The Committee has nine members of whom two are designated by the Potton Heritage Association.

If you are interested in the position, please leave your co-ordinates on the secure application form.  We will be in touch with you.

Preparing the 2011 photo contest

A meeting is scheduled on Sunday, May 15th at 10 a.m. at the Potton Town Hall to discuss about the 2011 Photo contest. We will talk about this year subject : My best picture of Potton (showing our natural, cultural, landscape, architectural or archaeological Heritage).

We would also like to share technical experience on photography. Jean-François Boulais, winner of 2010 photo contest, will help us with a few tips he just learned at a photo class. Bringing your camera with the instructions will be helpful.

We also will talk about the Fall exhibition.

Please call Edith to confirm your attendance: (450) 292-0547
or by email: